3D version of Flint Particle System

Today I released the alpha of version 2 of Flint. This version does 3D particle effects as well as 2D effects. The alpha is fairly stable and can be downloaded from Google code.

The 2D effects have some enhancements over previous versions. The 3D effects are all new, and include most of the features from 2D, along with some new stuff. At the moment, rendering is done via Flint’s own new 3D renderers, but I’m developing renderers for Papervision3d, Away3d and Sandy3d so that Flint can be used as a particle system with any of these 3d libraries too.

Here’s an example.

Use W,A,S,D keys to track in/out and left/right. Use cursor keys to pan and tilt. Use page-up/page-down to raise and lower the camera.

As always, find out more about Flint from the project website.

2 thoughts on “3D version of Flint Particle System

  1. nice work!
    hope the pv3d renderer is soon available. might be fun combining the particle system with the wow engine :-)

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