A Whiff Of Christmas

The Christmas web game season is here once again and I’ve just finished “A Whiff of Christmas” for I Want One Of Those.

The game features all the usual Christmas favourites – snow, presents, elves, flying reindeer, and of course Father Christmas – along with some more unusual elements – body odours, death and cannibalism. Have fun, and do comment on the game below.

And every fortnight one lucky player wins a remote-controlled micro helicopter.

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2 thoughts on “A Whiff Of Christmas

  1. I can’t believe no-one has left you a comment about this game – it’s wonderful! I keep expecting IWOOT to remove it now that Christmas is well and truly over but keep on playing while it’s still there … Can’t score anything like the high numbers posted on the website but I keep trying! Thank you for adding some fun to Christmas.

  2. my boyfriend and i played a whiff of christmas yesterday and i just wanted to tell you that we both enjoyed it greatly, especially the elf crushing noise. thank you!

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