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One conference, two presentations

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360|Flex DC starts in just 9 days and I'm not quite ready yet, but I will be. A few months ago, I suggested two presentations to John and Nicole who organise the event, hoping one would be up to scratch. Their reply was "Awesome submissions!" followed by "We're happy to tell you, your submissions were accepted. You ok doing 2?" Yes, I'm ok doing 2, but it requires twice the preparation which is why I'm not quite ready yet. But I will be.

Re-architecting the designer-developer workflow

My first session is an update to my session on Smart Components from 360|Flex San Jose. I'll be talking about where my idea of smart components came from, how the architecture has developed and evolved, and how it enables us at BrightTALK to decouple the developers from the client project development cycle, completely changing the relationship between designers and developers.

Of course, there will be code and examples, and I'll also show how to use Robotlegs or Swiz as the basis for your smart components architecture.

Open source is for life, not just for Christmas

This presentation is about my experiences developing and managing the Flint Particles open source project. After small contributions to other open source projects, Flint was my first venture into developing and managing an open source project myself. I've been managing the project for nearly 3 years now and I've learnt a lot along the way, about programming, marketing and open source, and also about people, their motivations and their failings, myself included.

I'll discuss why I started the project, the highs and lows during the past three years, what my expectations were and how the results far exceeded those expectations. I'll talk about the people I met, and the lessons I learnt. I'll also tell you my seven steps for getting an open-source project off the ground, and I'll tell you the one thing you must never, ever, ever do if you manage an open-source project. Unless, of course, you want that project to die.

This session is quite a departure or me. Previous sessions I've presented have been focused on code, but this one is about experiences. There's no code to hide behind. The contents are stories and anecdotes, some of them painfully honest, others delightfully funny. Hopefully the audience will laugh in the right places.

DC here we come

I'm really looking forward to this 360|Flex. There's so much going on.

If you're a developer and you can get to DC, come and join us.

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