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SWFEncrypt from Flash using JSFL

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At the weekend I wrote a couple of JSFL scripts to automate SWFEncrypt and SWCEncrypt encryption from within Flash.

The first publishes the current flash movie and encrypts the resulting .swf using SWFEncrypt.

The second exports one or more components as SWC files and encrypts the results using SWCEncrypt.

I've only used them in Flash CS3 for Windows, but the scripts should work in Flash 8 too. They will not work on MacOS.

The scripts use a couple of undocumented features of the FLFile object. They're published under the MIT licence, so you are free to use them. The first line of code (actually line 36 because of the comments above it) in each script is the path to your installation of SWFEncrypt or SWCEncrypt. You will need to edit these if you didn't install SWFEncrypt/SWCEncrypt in the default location.

Download the JSFL scripts.

Double click the .mxp file to install them using Adobe Extension Manager.

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