Swiz example project with source

Update – 9 June 2010: I’ve updated the project code to Swiz 1.0RC.

At Flash on the Beach this year, I presented a session on application frameworks. As part of that session, I had planned to show the source for an example application built using each of the four frameworks I covered. When I discovered that as planned my presentation would take three hours to present, I had to cut a lot of content and the example application was one of the items to be cut. But I still have the source for those applications so I’m posting it here today.

Below is the example built using the Swiz application framework. Links to the other versions follow. All versions have identical functionality. Right click on the swf to view the source.

The other versions can be viewed here…

5 thoughts on “Swiz example project with source

  1. I would avoid the SimplyEvent and instead implement the IInitializingBean interface in the FlexcasterController and in the initialize function I would load the feeds.
    Great example!

  2. Thanks for the examples. I found that most of your event moderation didn’t work for me until I changed it from (e.g.)
    [Mediate(“SimpleEvent.SHOW_FEEDS” )]
    [Mediate(event=“SimpleEvent.SHOW_FEEDS” )]

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