Garbage Collection

I recently received a support query on Flint regarding garbage collection. In discussions on the forum I was reminded that many Actionscript developers don’t know how the Flash Player’s garbage collection works.

For some developers that’s not a problem since memory use is quite low on lots of web sites, and all the memory is freed when a user leaves the web site anyway. However, with the development of rich applications on the web and in Air, garbage collection is becoming an issue that more developers need to understand.

I was going to write a long post explaining garbage collection, but Grant Skinner got there two years before me. Here’s his useful series about resource management in Flash.

When you’ve read that, this more recent post by Sean Christmann adds further insight – Kick starting the garbage collector.

Now there’s no excuse for leaving trash lying around.

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  1. Hi !…thanks for this information your article was really very nice as well as useful to me as i am new to AS3.

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