IE7 and Firefox2 search providers for Flash & Coldfusion LiveDocs

I’ve made some more search providers for the Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 navigation bar search boxes. These scripts search various sections of the Adobe LiveDocs, specifically Flash 8, Flex 2, Flash Media Server 2 and Coldfusion MX 7 docs. You can get them all here.

When I created the search providers for PHP and MySQL, I really wanted one for the Flash LiveDocs too, but the LiveDocs search is driven from JavaScript which makes it hard (impossible?) to do the search directly from a simple URL query.

The solution I’ve come up with is instead to use Google’s site search to search the LiveDocs. I’ve also added Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” feature to some of the scripts to jump straight to the first result from the search. This works well in most cases. Google’s coverage of the Flex 2 documentation seems weak but I’m hoping this will improve over time.

Just click the appropriate link below to add the search you want.

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