New Year, New Domain

Since I accepted my current job at BrightTALK and closed down my company, Big Room, I’ve also moved my domain. This site is now hosted at rather than All links to the previous domain should redirect to the new domain – please let me know if any don’t.

This blog was always about my personal work experiences, and will continue to be so. While I will, at times, blog about work we’re doing at BrightTALK, please remember that this is still a personal blog and opinions I express are mine and not necessarily those of BrightTALK.

Have a great New Year.

A new job

Today a start a new job. After many years as a consultant I’ve taken a full-time job with BrightTALK. Why? Because they’re a fantastic company, with a great team, a good attitude, a number of interesting projects, and an open mind. I like them. And they needed a lead Flex developer and architect.

I’ll continue to blog here, to maintain and develop Flint, and to speak at conferences. But I won’t be doing consultancy work any more. Best wishes to all my past clients.


I’ve been very quiet, both here and over at the Flint site, since releasing version 2.0 of Flint a few weeks ago. Apologies for the silence but I’ve had a lot on, including a couple of exciting projects of which I’ll reveal more in the new year.

Right now, I just wanted to mention BrightTALK. I’ve been doing consultancy and development work for them for much of this year as they develop new products, including a public webcasting platform which you can find on their website. I should have posted about this in September, when the site became public, but was so busy I forgot to do so.

Meanwhile, I’m still very busy helping them to develop version 2 of their platform, this time using Flex 3, Mate and various other tools (while also teaching training courses, developing Flint and working with other clients – there’s no rest for the wicked).