Seeing what’s really there

This blog post was originally published on the Develop:Brighton website on 26 June 2015.

I remember as a choreographer at dance school showing my choreography teacher my first dance piece. I’d spent a term making this dance, working with three dancers who were studying with me. This was extra-curricular activity but I wanted to make this dance and I felt good about it. So, in search of praise I asked my choreography teacher, Ingegerd Lonnroth, to look at it. Continue reading

What Makes a Good Collaboration?

This blog post was originally published on Gamasutra on 17 June 2015.

Before I became a game developer I was an independent contemporary dance choreographer with my own dance company. And in my 14 years creating dances, and a further 14 creating games, I’ve experienced all sorts of collaborations. For me, there are three key ingredients to a good collaboration. Continue reading

Dance on the web

Many years ago I did a lot of work involving interactive dance. Some of the experiments I created used to exist in other locations that have now disappeared. I’m placing them here so they can still be found.

Progressive (1993)

Progressive is a short dance film. This quicktime is small because I made it a long time ago when broadband was just a dream.

View the video here

Web Dances (1996-1997)

Web Dances is a set of four dance related interactive projects. They’re very small experiments and over ten years old now. They all exist in one shockwave file.

View the Web Dances here

Waterfall (2002)

Waterfall is an interactive CD-ROM, although I’m now making it available for download (200Mb). It combines live action and user control to let the user interact with and influence the dance as it takes place.

Download Waterfall here