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Many years ago I did a lot of work involving interactive dance. Some of the experiments I created used to exist in other locations that have now disappeared. I'm placing them here so they can still be found.

Progressive (1993)

Progressive is a short dance film. This quicktime is small because I made it a long time ago when broadband was just a dream.

View the video here

Web Dances (1996-1997)

Web Dances is a set of four dance related interactive projects. They're very small experiments and over twenty years old now and unfortunately no longer work on modern web browsers. They all exist in one shockwave file.

Waterfall (2002)

Waterfall is an interactive CD-ROM, although I'm now making it available for download (200Mb). It combines live action and user control to let the user interact with and influence the dance as it takes place.

Download Waterfall here

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