Game Designer, Programmer, Choreographer


“I love this man! Richard created our first prototype: in the morning he arrived at the King offices and we had nothing but documentation, in the evening we had our very first playable. Richard is an amazing listener and a smart developer - he will build it to spec if you want, but his broad experience allows him to also think with you and offer alternative solutions. Richard is simply awesome. Fact.”
– Jesse America, Executive Producer, King

“Richard is simply a legend. Not only is he an insanely fast and skillful coder, he is also design-minded, solving problems smartly and independently. While working on our prototype here at King, he was an invaluable asset both in terms of raw production and interpersonal skills, bringing his expertise and calm consideration to a fast-moving project. On top of that he is a really nice chap and all around great human being. He will be sorely missed and I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.”
– Florian Ziegler, Studio Design Lead, King

“Richard joined the nascent Longbow Studio as a contractor for over 3 months. Over that time he was the only developer in the team. His understanding of games, his experience in game development, his ability to write and modify code really fast were incredible assets that allowed the team to move to a pace that would have been impossible otherwise. I would have gladly hired Richard for a full time position, was he interested in one, and I highly recommend him.”
– Pietro Guardascione, Head of Studio, King

2016-2018: Consultant prototyping specialist, King in London & Stockholm

In teams of two or three, as the only programmer, working closely with the game designer and artist we explored and developed new ideas for mid-core mobile games.

2018: Prototype for mid-core mobile game (not yet released)
Sole programmer

2017: Prototype for Call Of Duty mobile game (not yet released)
Sole programmer

2016: Prototype for mid-core mobile game (not released)
Sole programmer

2015: Independent game developer

Designing and building my own game as a break from working for others.

2015: Freak Factory (iOS & Android)
Creative director, game designer, sole programmer, music composer, etc. (everything but the art)

2011-2014: CTO at Stick Sports Ltd.

Technical director for all the games we built during that time, and hands on sole programmer or programming lead on the games listed below.

2014: Prototype for mobile golf game (not released)
Game designer & lead programmer

2014: Stick Soccer (iOS & Android)
Lead programmer

2012: Stick Tennis (iOS & Android)
Sole programmer

2011: Stick Cricket Super Sixes (iOS & Android)
Sole programmer

Personal project:

2012: Ash Game Engine (open source ECS engine for Flash games)
Creative director & sole programmer

2009-2011: Technical Architect at BrightTALK Ltd.

Designed and implemented the architecture for the company’s video & audio streaming platform server and client-side applications.

Changing server applications to a RESTful API.
Creating an MVC architecture for existing and new PHP services
Moving critical services to Java
Lead programmer on a number or critical services

Personal project:

2011: Particle Soup (game for Blackberry Playbook))
Creative director, game designer & sole programmer

2006-2009: Freelance developer of web games

Developed a number of web games for clients including

2009: Urban Oasis (urban driving game)
Sole programmer

2008: Flint Particles (open source flexible particle system for Flash projects)
Creative director & sole programmer

2007: A Whiff Of Christmas (infinite runner)
Game designer, artist & programmer

2006: Stick Football (soccer game)
Sole programmer

2006: Strictly Sudoku (sudoku website)
Creative director, graphic designer & programmer

2005: Lead Engineer at EA Criterion

Lead Engineer on the front-end team, I was hired because of my knowledge of both C++ and Flash - the team were using a new in-house runtime to create the UI with Flash

2005: Burnout Revenge (Playstation2 & XBox)
Lead Engineer

1994-2004: Freelance developer of educational games, web games & museum installations

Developed a number of museum installations, web games and CD-ROMs for clients including

2004: Stick Cricket (web game)

2002: Denise Lewis Heptathon (web game)
Sole programmer

2000: Network Globe (installation at the Science Museum)
Sole programmer

1999: Exploring Sandro Botticelli's Mystic Nativity (CD-ROM with the National Gallery)
Sole programmer

1999: Victorian Children (online educational game)
Sole programmer

1999: Exploring Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait (CD-ROM with the National Gallery)
Sole programmer

1999: Italia Online (educational website)
Sole programmer

1998: Journeys in the Roman Empire (educational CD-ROM game with the British Museum)
Sole programmer

1998: An A-Z of the Middle East (educational CD-ROM)
Sole programmer

1997: Sudan - Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile (educational CD-ROM)
Sole programmer

1996: UNFCC Climate Website Tool (informational website creation tool, with the United Nations)
Sole programmer

1994: The Wall that Thinks (interactive installation)
Sole programmer

1991-2002: Contemporary Dance Choreographer

A series of dance productions in various media, created with my own dance company.

2002: Waterfall (dance game)
Choreographer, designer, programmer & creative director

2001: Duets for Small Spaces (theatre dance)
Choreographer & creative director

1998: Cyberkinesis (dance installation)
Choreographer, programmer & creative director

1997: Hamsters in Mirrorshades (theatre dance)
Choreographer & creative director

1996: Gone (theatre dance research)
Choreographer & creative director

1995: Hamsters (theatre dance)
Choreographer & creative director

1993: Progressive (video dance)
Director, choreographer& editor

1992: Vesna Sviashchennaia (theatre dance research)
Choreographer & co-creative director

1992: Locofoco 2 (theatre dance)
Choreographer & co-creative director

1991: Locofoco (theatre dance)
Choreographer & co-creative director

1988-1991: BAHons Contemporary Dance & Choreography

London Contemporary Dance School

1984-1987: BAHons Mathematics

Clare College, Cambridge University