Joining in

We have a Google group for discussing Ash where we discuss the project, how to develop it further and how best to use it.

The Google group is the best place to ask questions and raise feature requests. If you have found a bug then please either raise it in the group or create an issue in Github's issue tracker.

If you want to know when we add features to Ash, please watch the project on Github, join the Google group or follow me on Twitter.

If you want to contribute to Ash, please join us in the group and discuss what needs doing, and fork the project and start contributing. I'm happy to receive pull requests for small improvements and bug-fixes. For larger changes and additions it's best to start a conversation in the group before you spend too long on your idea so we can coordinate.

The following ports of Ash have been or are being developed. These ports are not certified to be complete ports of Ash or to be production ready, they are here for information and to encourage involvement by others who would like to see Ash ported to their own favourite language/environment.