Source Code

Ash is written in Actionscript 3 but the principles behind its architecture may be applied in many other programming languages. Developers have already started porting it to C#, Javascript, Haxe and Objective-C.

The source code for Ash is available on Github and is released under the MIT license. That means that you can do what you wish with the code, but you must retain the original license, including the copyright notice, when distributing the source code as code or as a precompiled library. There is no requirement to mention Ash in your game but some developers do choose to credit Ash in their finished game, which is nice.

Visit the Github repository.


No libraries are required for using Ash. But Ash includes extensions for optional integration with

  • Swift Suspenders for dependency injection.
  • Robotlegs for wrapping the game in an MVC architecture for menus etc.
  • Starling, using Starling's juggler to drive the game loop.