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Creating weak references in Actionscript 3

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A weak reference is a reference that does not prevent the object from being garbage collected. It's great that Actionscript 3 has weak references in the EventDispatcher and Dictionary classes. But sometimes you want to create your own weak references. Something along the lines of

var weak:WeakRef = new WeakRef( someObject );

Well, there is a way. It's a bit of a hack, and unfortunately uses a full Dictionary object for each weak reference, but it works. The source code is on my public GitHub repository.

To use the class

// Create a weak reference
var weak:Weakref = new WeakRef( obj );

// Later use the referenced object
var strong = weak.get();
if( strong != null )
    // use strong here
    // garbage collector has disposed of the object

If the get method returns null then the object has been garbage collected.

The source is free under the terms of the MIT licence.

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