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The Choreography of Monument Valley

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The brilliant Critical Distance have proposed "Choreography" as the topic for their March collection of Blogs of the Round Table and I think, as a choreographer turned game developer, I should have something to say on this. I pondered what to write and eventually decided to write about just one game, the wonderful Monument Valley by ustwo. Continue reading →

Monopoly - too political or not political enough?

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Monopoly is, in many respects, a boring game. Tactics are generally very simple and a game can last a long time. When I was a child and played with my family, my Dad always won. He bought every property he could, mortgaging other properties if necessary, because he knew that, when all the land has been purchased, the owner of the most land is in the strongest position. But more than this, Monopoly is a nasty game. A player can only win by impoverishing the other players. Many games have winners and losers, but few so thoroughly abuse the losers as to bankrupt them. I don't like playing Monopoly but I do find the game interesting. Continue reading →

Teaching Game Design

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It's a little known fact that before I became involved in game development I was a choreographer. Yes, I have a degree in Maths, and I started programming computers when I was 12, but after getting that degree I went to dance school in London and got another degree, this time in contemporary dance and choreography. I followed this by forming my own dance company and spent the next ten years choreographing dances. Which begs the question of how I got into game development. Continue reading →

Casual Multiplayer Gaming

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Until recently I wasn't sure if casual multiplayer gaming was possible. In my experience, multiplayer gaming required a serious investment of time and energy. But I spent most of yesterday afternoon playing Zwok, a multiplayer game that is so simple, and so much fun, I figure there may be something to learn from it. (And if I do learn from it I won't have to write off yesterday afternoon as wasted time). So here's a brief summary of my thoughts so far. Continue reading →