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Most people are good people

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Most of us trust most of our friends. We trust them not to cheat and lie to us for their own gain. We trust them not to steal from us or to assault us. But how about strangers? Not a specific stranger but strangers in general. Do you trust them? Do you trust the other people in your country not to cheat, lie, steal, and assault others for their own gain? Maybe you think like me that most people are okay but there’s a few bad apples. Or maybe not. Maybe there’s a group of people you particularly don’t trust. Continue reading →

My first two weeks as an indie game developer

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I've been an independent game developer for two weeks now so here's a little progress update… The business Always hire accountants, their specialist knowledge is valuable. My accountants are setting up my company as we speak. It will be called Richard Lord Ltd. because this is all about me and the projects I want to do. Not all the projects I want to do are games, but the majority are. I have a list of ideas including nine games, two apps, one piece of hardware, one web service, one book, and one dance production. I will have one project in production at any time, with pre and post production on others as appropriate. I will try to balance my time so most of it is spent on the current production project. Continue reading →

The iPad is not a computer

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I waited a few days before writing about the iPad. Apple product launches tend to contain some surprises and I wanted a little time for reflection before commenting. My considered opinion: the iPad is a revolutionary device, because it's not a computer. The iPad isn't for writing, it's for reading. It's not for making films, its for watching films. It's not for developing software, it's for using software. The iPad is a consumer device. What makes the iPad revolutionary is its single-minded focus on media consumption. Continue reading →

Visiting Google, and how we behave if something is free and plentiful

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The last couple of days I've been teaching a training course to some Google employees at Google's London office. It was an interesting experience because of the various information that I had already heard about working at Google, some of which was confirmed by my experience and some of which was not. Continue reading →

If I had more time

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One of the frustrations of being busy with client work is the lack of time to investigate, experiment and play with interesting stuff. One day I'll have time to try all this stuff but until then, here's a simple list of the flash/flex tools I'd like to play with. Maybe you'll find something interesting here. Continue reading →