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If I had more time

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One of the frustrations of being busy with client work is the lack of time to investigate, experiment and play with interesting stuff. One day I'll have time to try all this stuff but until then, here's a simple list of the flash/flex tools I'd like to play with. Maybe you'll find something interesting here.

Flash Player 10 beta

Lots of cool new stuff in the Flash Player 10 beta, if only I had time to try it out.

3D engines

I still haven't had time to do much with 3D in Flash (although I need to know to get Flint working in the 3D engines). I want time to experiment with the 3D engines and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Physics engines

I also want time to try out the 2D and 3D physics engines.

Flex tools

There's a number of Flex tools/libraries that I want to investigate. Top of the list are

What I'm doing now

Meanwhile, I only have a little spare time, which I'm using to develop the next version of Flint. I have some other personal projects I want to work on but they are all on hold for now.

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