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I've been working on a number of big projects for a client - working in-house planning and architecting the projects, writing code, and managing their Actionscript developers - which has meant I haven't had much time over the last few months to work on the Flint particle system or any other of my own projects, to do research, or even to post very much on this blog.

Those client projects have now finished. I'm still working as an occasional consultant for the client but the in-house team can now manage the projects themselves.

This means, to all those clients and potential clients to whom I had to say no over the last few months, I now have time to take on some more work. Do get in touch if you need me.

It also means I can start working on Flint again (and maybe later a couple of other interesting projects I have in mind). There's a 3D version of Flint in progress which I hope to release next month. This will eventually work with all the major 3D engines, as well as having its own stand-alone renderers. The code is already available in its early alpha version, and frequent updates will follow.

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