Alpha of the 3D version of Flint is available

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I've added the alpha of the next version of Flint to the SVN code repository. You can check it out anonymously from

This version will support 3D particle systems in addition to 2D particle systems as supported by the current version.

The 2D content in this alpha should be stable and has some features not present in the current version 1.0.3 - specifically, it supports the display of multiple emitters within a single renderer and the display of a single emitter within multiple renderers.

The 3D content still needs a lot of work. It has a simple renderer, which I will be doing a lot more work on in the next few days, but needs renderers for the various 3D libraries that are out there. It doesn't yet support rotation of the particles but I have converted most of the non-rotational effects in the 2D system to 3D. I hope to do frequent updates to this alpha in the coming weeks - it all depends on time. Feedback on the architecture and suggested features (including code) are very welcome.

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