Build scripts and other changes to Flint

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For the 2.0.1 release I created a single Ant build script to build the swc library, the asdocs, and all the examples. This makes new releases a lot easier and should result in more frequent point updates for bug fixes.

I also abandoned the Flash MXP installer. The main reasons for this are the time it takes to create, and problems with Flash's auto imports - since Flint uses similar class names in the 2D and 3D packages, Flash often imported the class from the wrong package. Couple this to Flash CS4's 3D geometry classes having the same names as Flint's and the result is often confusing, particularly for beginners. The solution, of course, is always to specify your imports but the MXP file encouraged users to let Flash write the imports.

Given that Flash CS4 supports the same swc format as Flex, it's now easy to use Flint with Flash by simply including the Flint SWC in the Flash project.

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