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We've been doing a lot of work recently on adding molehill (aka Flash 11) support to Flint. Rather than integrate molehill support directly into Flint, I decided that the best way, at least for now, to bring the power of molehill to Flint is to integrate with the 3D rendering libraries that are themselves integrating with molehill. So we've been adding support for the molehill compatible versions of Away3D, Flare3D and Alternativa3D.

When I say we, I mostly mean Michael Ivanov. Michael started contributing to Flint when he sent me some improvements to the Away3D 3 integration in Flint. Later, when he suggested adding support for Away3D 4, I encouraged and helped him while he did most of the work. He followed this up with the Flare3D and Alternativa3D integrations and so we are now ready with support for all these libraries within Flint.

The source code is in a branch in Github, and is still subject to change as the underlying projects change or as we discover improvements, but it all works so far so please, if you're interested in support for these libraries in Flint, do check out the code and take it for a spin. Any feedback you can give will be greatly appreciated.

The documentation is also online, and there are a few examples in the molehill branch of the Flint_Examples project.

I have received some suggestions of other ways that Flint can take advantage of the power in molehill, including support for the M2D rendering engine for 2D graphics, creating native molehill renderers inside Flint, and using AGAL to speed up generic calculations inside Flint. All good ideas, and all ideas I'll not have time to explore myself. So if anyone else would like to explore these or other ideas with Flint please follow Michael's lead, fork the code and let me know what you're up to and how I can help. I can't promise to write lots of code for you, but I will answer questions and help you as much as I can.

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