Flint AS3 Particle System

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I haven't posted much for the past month because I've been using my meagre free time to create an open source particle system library in AS3. I'm pleased with the results and I'm ready to let it out of its cage for others to play with.

Here's three examples of the sort of thing that can be produced using this library.

[swf file="/images/blog/flint.swf" width="400" height="435"]

My aim with this project is to create a library that handles the common functionality for all particle systems, has methods for common particle behaviour, and lets developers extend it easily with their own custom behaviours without needing to touch the core code.

The current version as 0.9. It seems stable but there's a few more features I want to add, more testing I want to do, and I'd like to get more feedback from users before declaring a 1.0 release. So if you're interested in this sort of thing then please try it out and feedback directly to me.

I'll create a tutorial in the next few days. Meanwhile, there's source code, examples and documentation on the Flint website and on GitHub.

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