More 3D Zones in Flint

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I've added four new 3D zones to Flint.

  • FrustrumZone - lets you use the camera frustrum as a zone. Particularly useful for removing particles when they leave the view.
  • ParallelogramZone - creates a 2D zone in 3D space. the zone has four sides. If the sides are at right angles, the zone is rectangular.
  • BitmapDataZone - creates a zone from a BitmapData object. Any points in the image with an alpha greater than 0 are points in the zone. the image may be stretched and skewed when creating the zone.
  • GreyscaleZone - creates a zone from a BitmapData object. Black points in the image are excluded from the zone. Other points are in the zone with a weighting proportional to their luminosity.

I also optimized the Collide actions, approximately doubling their speed.

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