Version 0.9.2 of Flint released

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I uploaded version 0.9.2 yesterday. I've made a big change to the package structure to reflect the new website - everything is in org.flintparticles instead of bigroom.flint. A couple of the classes have been renamed (all the zone classes end with the name suffix Zone, MoveEuler has become simply Move, and LineShape has become simply Line. I've added some new effects including DeathOffStage for simply removing particles when they leave the stage and two new zones, BitmapDataZone and DisplayObjectZone.

The BitmapDataZone and DisplayObjectZone enable you to use a BitmapData object or a DisplayObject object to define the area in which the emitter emits particles. The initial idea came from Julien who wanted to add particle effects to a logo. With that in mind, I used the BitmapDataZone to create this example.

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