Version 0.9.3 of Flint released

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I uploaded version 0.9.3 today. There's a new counter - the TimePeriod counter - which emits particles for a set period of time and then stops. Easing functions can be used to modify the rate of emission over the time period so more particles are emitted at the beginning or the end.

I also made a number of optimisations to improve the performance, particularly with particle systems containing thousands of particles.

I also modified the emitter to allow prioritising of actions. This was important for actions in which the particles react with each other.

I've added one action in which the particles directly affect each other (there will be more later). It's called MutualGravity and as the name suggests it involves the particles exerting a gravitational force on each other. I'm not sure how it will be used but it seemed like a good place to begin with these intra-particle actions. It's demonstrated in this example.

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