Version 0.9.4 of Flint released

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Now in GitHub and download. The core features haven't changed but I have added a number of new behaviours.

  • Access all properties in Actions, Initializers, Counters and Activities so they can be modified while the emitter is running.
  • AlphaInit initializer sets the initial alpha value for all particles
  • ImageClasses and SharedImages initializers set the particle image to one selected from a group, with weighting to adjust the selection
  • MouseGravity action pulls particles towards the mouse
  • MouseAntiGravity action pushes particles away from the mouse
  • TurnAwayFromMouse action causes particles to turn away from the mouse
  • GreyscaleZone uses a greyscale image to define a zone, with weighting based on the luminence of each pixel
  • Pulse counter emits particles in regular bursts
  • PerformanceAdjusted counter adjusts the rate of particle emission if the frame-rate drops
  • TwoWay easing functions have an energy peak half-way through the particle's lifetime

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