Version 1.0.0 of Flint released

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I uploaded version 1.0.0 this morning. This version features a number of additions and a couple of key structural changes.

The structural changes are

Changes to setCounter

The counter in the emitter is now a getter/setter so rather than

emitter.setCounter( someCounter );

you need

emitter.counter = someCounter

Changes to Rendering

The rendering has been moved out of the emittter into a separate set of classes. So rather than

var emitter:DisplayObjectEmitter = new DisplayObjectEmitter();
addChild( emitter );

You need

var emitter:Emitter = new Emitter();
var renderer:DisplayObjectRenderer = new DisplayObjectRenderer();
emitter.renderer = renderer;
addChild( renderer );

This allows much greater flexibility over the renderers, which is particularly important when moving flint over to use in 3D environments, which is the next stage in the project.

All the examples on this site have been updated to reflect these changes. I'll write about the new additions and add some examples to illustrate them over the next few days.

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