Version 1.0.1 of Flint released

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I uploaded version 1.0.1 this morning. The main change is to fix a limitation in the BitmapRenderer and PixelRenderer classes.

The BitmapRenderer and PixelRenderer create a canvas for drawing the particles in. In previous versions this canvas covered the stage. This has caused problems for some developers who want more flexibility over the size and placement of this canvas.

It makes sense for the generic BitmapRenderer to allow the developer to specify the size and position of this canvas, so that is what it now does. This requires a single parameter in the constructor for the BitmapRenderer. This parameter is a rectangle and specifies the region within the renderer (i.e. within the coordinate space of the particle system) where the canvas should be drawn. The same change has been made to the PixelRenderer.

The old behaviour, a canvas that covers the stage, now exists within two more specific classes - the FullStageBitmapRenderer and the FullStagePixelRenderer. Changing all references to BitmapRenderer and PixelRenderer to these new classes will enable any previous scripts to work as before.

Other minor changes - all renderers now have mouseEnabled and mouseChildren set to false by default, so that they don't respond to mouse events and it is possible to click through renderers to buttons and other objects below. To enable mouse events, set one or both of these properties to true as required.

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