Version 1.0.4 of Flint released

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This will be the final version on the 1.0.x branch. It incorporates a few minor changes that were already in the code repository. The next version released will be the first 3D version. New features and changes in this version are

  • Added a Collide action that manages collisions between particles.
  • Added bounce parameter to the Bounding Box action, to control the amount of bounce in the collisions.
  • Fixed TurnTowardsMouse and TurnTowardsPoint actions to stop the particles oscillating when travelling approximately towards the target.
  • Added maximumFrameTime property to Emitter to prevent the system jumping when outside influences pause the system (e.g. when resizing the browser window).
  • Added conditional tests to Emitter to prevent errors when a renderer hasn't been assigned to the Emitter.
  • Altered Emitter and BitmapRenderer so that the particles array is in creation order, rather than reverse creation order, because this is more logical.
  • Added run-time error to DiscZone and DiscSectorZone to check that the outerRadius is not smaller than the innerRadius.

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