Version 2.2.0 of Flint Released

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Today I released version 2.2 of Flint. This version includes a significant addition with the introduction of collisions between particles and zones in 2D effects, plus various small bug fixes and improvements.

  • Collisions between particles were introduced in an earlier release. With this release, I am introducing collisions between particles and zones. This means that any zone can be used to define a shape that particles will bounce off. Zones can be defined to approximate shapes for graphics so the particles appear to collide with the other graphics in the swf. In this version, these collisions are implemented for 2D zones only. 3D zones will have this feature in a later release.
  • The Zone2D interface now includes a collideParticle method, used to test for and resolve collisions between particles and zones. Any custom 2D Zones will need to have this method added for compatibility. All 2D Zones in Flint have this method.

Also in this release

  • Updated Away3D compatibility to version 3.5.
  • Added DictionaryInitializer for copying a set of properties into the particles' dictionary object. Contributed by Richard Clark.
  • Added Ellipse display object contributed by Adrian Stutz.
  • Fixed bug in TimePeriod counter where it occasionally failed to dispatch the counterComplete event on completion.
  • Fixed bug in Steady counter where changing the rate when the counter was running would sometimes fail.
  • Fixed bug in Emitter where running remained true after the Emitter had stopped.
  • Fixed bug in DeathSpeed where it didn't work with minimum speeds.
  • Fixed bug in BitmapLineRenderer where coordinates were sometimes incorrectly mapped to the renderer.
  • Fixed bug in A3D3DisplayObjectClass where a brief glitch would appear when the Emitter was started. Thanks to desunit for the fix.
  • Added new Pachinko and Rain examples to demonstrate the new collision effects.

Get the new version from GitHub or downloads.

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