3D version of Flint Particle System

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In brief gaps between work I'm making steady progress on 2.0. It's pretty stable and working well. 2D is probably nearly as stable as 1.0.4, and has some new features that improve on the 1.0.4 version. 3D is working well with Flint's own renderers. I hope to get initial versions of the Papervision3d and Away3d renderers out soon. The source includes a number of examples to show how it works, along with the usual Asdoc documentation.

I've added the source code, documentation and examples to the downloads.

If you're wondering whether to use this version in a project, much of it is already very stable, and I'm aiming for a final release in a month's time.

SVN changes

This morning I moved the 2.0 code from the branch into trunk. Version 1.0.4 has been tagged, so is still available via SVN from the tags directory. I don't expect to release any new 1.0.x versions.

How you can help

If you have time, please try this version out. I need feedback on any bugs you find so I can fix them now rather than later. Also, I need more examples showing what this version can do, so if you make an interesting example and want to share it, please let me know so I can include it in the distribution (with credit to you of course).

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