Version 2.1.3 of Flint released

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Last week I released version 2.1.3 of Flint. This version includes two new actions for 2D and 3D effects and a few small improvements.

  • MouseEventsHandler is a new Action that enables you to define event handlers to be called when the mouse interacts with any particle.
  • TweenToZone is a new Action, in both the 2D and 3D packages, that tweens each particle to a random point within the specified zone.
  • To illustrate this action, this version includes a new example that tweens between two image zones.
  • An error in the Papervision3D and Away3D renderers that caused particles to appear briefly at location 0,0,0 when the emitter started has been fixed.
  • An error preventing initializers from being added to an InitializerGroup via the constructor has been fixed.

View the new tween example here. Get the new version from GitHub or downloads and let me know of any bugs you find.

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