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A couple of months ago I started work on a version of Flint that used Flash’s native Vector3D and Matrix3D classes. That Flint has it’s own 3D geometry classes causes confusion for a number of users and since Flash10 is now pretty-much ubiquitous it’s about time for Flint to make the switch over to these native classes.

Aside from avoiding confusion, I also hoped that using the native 3D geometry classes might provide two other benefits

  1. Improve performance
  2. Make the jump to Molehill easier

The first didn’t happen. In fact, initially using the native classes was a lot slower, but after much optimization I have the performance back to, and a little past, where it was before.

For the second benefit, we’ll have to wait and see when Molehill appears.

Switching to the native classes means a lot of API changes. So I’m taking the opportunity to make some other useful alterations. Nothing major, just a few Vectors in place of Arrays and a tweak here and there. Some effects will work unaltered with the new version while others will need small adjustments.

I also altered Flint’s native 3D renderers to use the same right-hand coordinate system that Flash uses for it’s native 3D. The coordinate system only affects the renderers - the rest of Flint is agnostic to the coordinate system used. So if you use the Away3D renderers then you’ll still get Away3D’s left-hand coordinate system.

Anyway, the new version, which due to the significant API changes will be called version 3.0, should be out early in the new year. Most of it is done, the only remaining elements are updating the examples and the documentation and a bunch more testing.

If anyone wants to try the new version (I’m already using it in a project) it’s in the GitHub repository. I’d appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Thank you all.

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