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Apologies for the silence. I've been very busy with client work, but have still found small slices of time to work on Flint.

I'll release a 2.0.1 update shortly - just a couple of minor bug fixes and additions. Unless something else comes up in the next couple of days, it will be exactly the code that is in trunk at the moment.

There are two additional branches in GitHub where I'm developing specific new features for a 2.1 release later. When it is released depends on how much time I have available - more about those features in another post.

Also, I want to make additions to this site, including voting on new features and gathering links to off-site tutorials, examples, tools, and information about projects that have used Flint. If you have any Flint related content you want linking to then let me know. I won't promise to include everything - editorial control will apply - but do send me everything you have.

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