Flint Particles 4.0.1 API documentation

This is the documentation for Flint Particles 4.0.1. The main changes in this version are the integration with three 3D render engines that utilise the 3D graphics rendering features of Flash Player 11.

In Flint's core 2D and 3D code, the only significant changes are the addition of pooling within the particle image creation classes, to reuse display objects were appropriate. This feature required a change to the APIs of the ImageClass and ImageClasses initializers. There are no other changes to Flint's core.

The pre-existing Papervision3D integration has been moved to a new location within the integration package, and the pre-existing Away3D v3 integration has similarly been moved, and has also been refactored, resulting in some API changes.

The Away3D v4, Alternativa3D and Flare3D integration are entirely new for this release.

This documentation combines the API reference for using Flint to create 2D and 3D particle effects, and for integrating those effects with various rendering engines. Select a platform to view documentation for that version of Flint.