Class Documentation

The ASDocs documentation for the source code is available here.

Tutorials – on site

Introducing Flint with a snow effect.
This tutorial introduces the basic of Flint while creating a snowfall effect. Created by the author of the Flint library.
Flash on the Beach 2008
At Flash on the Beach 2008 I gave a presentation about Flint, describing its architecture and how to use and extend that architecture to create custom particle effects. These are the slides from that session.

Tutorials – off site

Flint particles demo – Sparkling night.
Developer talks through the various Flint effects he used to create a sparkling galaxy scene.
3 November 2012
Forever Blowing Bubbles With the FLiNT Particle Engine.
Learn how to create a dynamic, bubbling photo displayer.
14 February 2011
Dissecting Flint 2D Grass Example.
Looking in detail at the grass example.
9 February 2011
Flinteroids: An Advanced Flint Tutorial
Guides you through the process of creating custom Action/Initializer classes, using InitializerGroups to create different types of particles with a single Emitter, interacting with particles through keyboard input, and leveraging the advanced features of the Flint Particle System, all while creating an asteroids game.
18 December 2009
A Visual Introduction to Flint
A visual reference guide introducing 25 of the most commonly used Flint 2D actions with a brief description and an animated example.
11 December 2009
Using the Flint Particle System with Adobe Flex
Shows you how to use the Flint Particle System with Adobe Flex.
3 November 2009
Create a Sparkling Bomb Mouse Cursor with Flint Particles
Explains the basics of Flint while creating a sparkling bomb mouse cursor. Very detailed explainations.
26 October 2009
Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial – Particle Systems with Flint
Shows you how to use the Flint particle system together with Papervision to create some cool 3D Flash effects.
21 September 2009
Away3D Programming Tutorial – Particles
Learn how to integrate the Flint particle system with Away3D.
21 September 2009
Reusing Flint examples for absolute beginners.
This tutorial explains how to reuse and modify the examples available on this site. Created by Daniel K. Schneider.
21 October 2008
Particle Effects with Flint
Slides from my presentation about Flint at Flash on the Beach 2008.
30 September 2008
Flint 2D Zones
A set of images illustrating the different 2D zones in Flint.
27 March 2008

Tools – off site

Flunk – Flint particles in Flash Punk
Integrates Flint particles with the Flash Punk game engine.
Particle Lab
A particle effects editor with a node-based UI.
FDT Templates for Flint
A set of templates for FDT for quick creation of various Flint elements.