Game Designer, Programmer, Choreographer

Games I Play

I rarely have time to play as much as I would like. Here are some of the games I have enjoyed playing that are still available if you want to try them yourself.

Invisible, Inc.
Take control of a group of spies as they infiltrate the corporations that are running the world. Great fun, great storyline, massive replayability. I love turn-based strategy games and this is my favourite. (PC, Mac, PS4, iPad)
The Stanley Parable
Stanley sits at his desk in an empty office. Why is the office empty? What is Stanley to do? And who is the narrator? A brilliant, hillarious first person exploration game about choice. (PC, Mac)
Life Is Strange
A game about high school girls growing up, wrapped around a missing person mystery thriller, with time travel. (PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, XB1, XB360, iOS, Android)
Dark Echo
Trapped in darkness, use echolocation to find your way out, but be careful because the same sounds that guide your way may attract some unwanted interest. (iOS, Android, PC, Mac)
Beyond Good And Evil
Investigate the government, learn the truth, and capture it on camera. I originally played this fantastic third-person adventure game on the Playstation 2. It's since been remastered for newer consoles and the original is still available on Steam. (XB360, PS3, PC)
Democracy 3
Be the leader of a modern country. Plan budgets, make laws, taxes, and investments. A sophisticated political strategy game. (PC, Mac, iOS)
Gone Home
Arriving home after a year abroad you find your home empty. Investigate the house to find out what's happened to your family. A first person exploration game. (PC, Mac)
A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
What's a monster to do on a chilly winter's day - make snowmen of course. A delightful puzzle game. (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)
Portal & Portal 2
Solve physical puzzles by opening portals between surfaces while being tormented by an evil AI. Two brilliant first person puzzle games. (PC, Mac, PS3, XB360)
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
Command a global defense team defending Earth from an alien invasion. The sequel, XCOM2, is great too. Another turn-based strategy game. (PC, Mac, PS3)
A beautiful story game about a young woman and the highs and lows of her first real love. (iOS, Android)
Plague Inc.
Your pathogen has just infected patient zero. Can you evolve it into a deadly plague and destroy humanity? A complex strategy game that's way more fun than it sounds. (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, XB1)
Monument Valley
Manipulate delightfully impossible worlds to guide Princess Ada on her journey. A brilliant and beautiful puzzle game. (iOS, Android)
The Battle of Polytopia
Rule the world, or at least a small square of world, by developing technology and fighting other tribes. A turn-based strategy game for mobile. (iOS, Android)
Hitman Go
Assasinate your target without being spotted. A wonderfully executed puzzle game set in the Hitman universe. (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS4, PSVita)

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