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Working on a long project is hard. I’ve been working on and off on Intergalactic Delivery Driver for ten months now. There were some gaps in that time, particularly the three months I spent working at King when I got almost nothing done on the game. Even so, the project is ten months old and sometimes my enthusiasm for it wanes. Not because I think any less of the project, I still believe it will be a great game, but because it’s hard to get up every morning and find the energy and enthusiasm to work on the same project day in and day out, particularly when there is no-one else to enthuse you. One week I may sprint along, getting lots done and making enormous progress. Another week I may crawl, achieving very little.

So I have a new plan. When my enthusiasm wanes I will allow myself a break. This break will be deliberate and will involve me working on something different. I may be a small project, a prototype, or some writing. Whatever, it will involve not working on my main project for a short while.

Which is why last week and this I am not working on Intergalactic Delivery Driver. I have bought a VR kit (the Gear VR because it’s relatively inexpensive) and am experimenting with an idea for a VR project. It’s a small project with some interesting technical hurdles and if the result is good I’ll make it available, probably for free.

Then I’ll return to Intergalactic Delivery Driver with, I am sure, renewed enthusiasm and energy.

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