Bubble Pack becomes Freak Factory

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I've been heads down building stuff for Bubble Pack for a while now, which is why I haven't talked about it much. A lot of news has built up.

A New Name

The game now has its final name and art style. The name is Freak Factory. What were bubbles are now little critters called Freaks, and what was a simple box is now a factory in which you make these Freaks. And if you don't keep them contained they will escape and the game ends. Trust me, it all makes sense and looks wonderful.

I didn't design the graphics, that was Brian Roberts who I used to work with at Stick Sports. There's a little story about how we ended up working together on Freak Factory, which I will tell you next time. For now suffice to say I'm very pleased to be collaborating with him. The graphics he has made are really excellent.


The best place to see the new graphics is in the trailer for the game. Here it is.

Release Date

The game is nearing completion and we are planning to release it next month. I'll post more detailed information as the date approaches. In the meantime here's three links you may find interesting.

Facebook Page

Freak Factory has a Facebook Page. This is a great place to keep up to date with the project and get the inside track on what we're up to, so why not head over there and like the page so you can see the updates in your newsfeed. Hopefully we can have some conversations and bit of fun. Brian hangs out on the Facebook page too so if you want to talk about the graphics that's where to ask.

Twitter Account

We also have a Twitter account for the game. I'll be posting news there too and various other items. It won't have the same content as the Facebook page but there will be some overlap.


The game also has a website. It's a central hub linking out to other sources of information for the game.

And what of the mailing list?

I'll still use the mailing list to tell you when the game is launched, but I won't use it for much else. Too much email is annoying for everyone so if you give me permission to email you I will use it very sparingly. And I will never share your details with anyone else or email you messages from anyone else.

If you want to be on that mailing list, enter your email address here

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