Game Developer

Open Source projects

Ash entity framework

Ash is an entity framework for Actionscript 3 game development. It's a lightweight framework that provides the basic scaffolding for building a game using entities and systems. There's a number of articles about Ash on this blog and the source code is on Github.

Flint particles

Flint is an open-source particle engine library for Actionscript 3 that I develop in my spare time. It creates 2D and 3D particle effects for things like fire, smoke, snow, fireworks and more abstract effects.

Air native extensions

At Stick Sports, where I was CTO, we released a number of Air Native Extensions that we developed.

You'll find the extensions, source code and documentation in Stick Sports' Github repository.

Coral 3d geometry library

Coral is a set of Actionscript 3 classes for 3D Mathematics. It includes classes for Point3d, Vector3d, Matrix3d and Quaternion. There's more information in this post, and the source code is on Github.

Personal code repository

Various useful Actionscript code that I've mentioned on this site are available in my public code repository on GitHub. Amongst the contents are a KeyPoll class to replace Key.isDown functionality that is missing from Actionscript 3, and an ObjectPool class for managing object reuse to reduce the need for Flash or Air to create and dispose of objects.