You run the Freak Factory, where you combine dangerous chemicals to create unusual looking critters called Freaks. Your task is to create as many Freaks as you can, which isn't easy because the factory space is limited. Pack them in tight to unlock more Freaks, get a high score and beat your friends.

Freak Factory is completely free to play but includes a time restriction which can be removed with a single one-time in-app purchase.

  • Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master.
  • No frenetic timers, play at the pace you want.
  • Lots of cute little Freaks for you to collect.
  • Gameplay that puts you in control – no randomness, impossible puzzles or crazy AI.
  • Strategy required – plan ahead to get a high score.

Freak Factory was available on the Apple, Google and Amazon stores, but is no longer. Updating it as rules, requirements and operating systems changed was too much work. Sorry about that. It was fun while it lasted.