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try{harder} level-up

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The first try{harder} took place last October and I was lucky enough to be one of the 16 attendee/speakers. The four-day conference was residential - we lived together in four "executive cabins" at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest. That means everyone had a double bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, and three new developer friends to have breakfast with. If you ask people who attend conferences why they do it, most of them will tell you it's for the networking. Some of the presentations will be good, but it's the conversations, over coffee, over beer, and over dinner, that make the conference worthwhile. Because the best thing you get from a conference is the opportunity to share experiences with other developers, to talk about code, to learn from each other. try{harder} has that in spades. try{harder} is about sixteen experienced developers teaching and learning. Seminars, code jams, pair programming, and of course conversations. Not shallow chats, but important debates, with depth and breadth, explored over a four day period. Sometimes lubricated with fine scotch whisky (thank you David). The experience is intense, exhausting, exhilirating, and absolutely wonderful. Continue reading →

One conference, two presentations

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360|Flex DC starts in just 9 days and I'm not quite ready yet, but I will be. A few months ago, I suggested two presentations to John and Nicole who organise the event, hoping one would be up to scratch. Their reply was "Awesome submissions!" followed by "We're happy to tell you, your submissions were accepted. You ok doing 2?" Yes, I'm ok doing 2, but it requires twice the preparation which is why I'm not quite ready yet. But I will be. Continue reading →

My 360|Flex presentation

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Until recently, the title for my 360|Flex San Jose presentation next month was “Designer Last Development Architecture”. But that has just changed. Continue reading →

360|Flex San Jose

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I was already considering making the trip to San Jose to attend the 360|Flex conference this March when the organisers asked me if I'd present a session. 360|Flex has interested me for some time. It's the most technical, developer oriented of the many Flash and Flex conferences around, and as a developer myself that obviously interests me. The level of technical knowledge amongst the speakers is immense. But 360|Flex is about more than just technical presentations. John and Tom try very hard to make this a conference where all attendees feel part of a community. Continue reading →

Flash on the Beach 09

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Back from Flash on the Beach

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Flash on the Beach was fantastic. Once again John organised a very friendly, relaxed and social conference, with some truly inspirational speakers. Being a speaker myself added an extra excitement to this year's conference. Continue reading →