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I recently started work on my own games, the first of which will be published before too long. Meanwhile, until recently I was CTO at Stick Sports where I was involved in the development of these games –

   Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis offers fast and fluid gameplay with realistic court surfaces and a huge range of unique player styles and characteristics. With a simple one-fingered swipe you’ll soon be thumping crosscourt winners, yet at the core of Stick Tennis is a highly sophisticated physics engine that rewards tactical play.

   Stick Soccer

Score goals for club and country with a simple swipe of your finger! Play for your club, dominate the world and outscore your friends.

   Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket, the world’s most popular cricket game, is the original cricket game from Stick Sports. Hit out or get out!

   Stick Cricket Premier League

Your ticket to the bright lights of Premier League superstardom is here! From Mumbai to Melbourne, team owners are battling it out to secure your signature.

   Stick Cricket Super Sixes

It’s man vs machine in the ultimate test of your cricket skills! Instead of facing mere mortals, your opponent is the state-of-the-art Bowlomatic 3000: a sadistic bowling machine that is hell bent on wiping you out. Smash as many boundaries as you can but be wary, as the Bowlomatic 3000 has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to ensure a harrowing time at the crease.

   Stick Cricket Partnerships

Pad up and partner up! Head out into the middle with your mates, working together to complete each level. Whether chasing a big target, smashing sixes or surviving against spin, teamwork is essential.

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