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Lessons I Learnt as a Choreographer and Apply as a Game Designer

Seeing what's really there

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This blog post was originally published on the Develop:Brighton website on 26 June 2015. I remember as a choreographer at dance school showing my choreography teacher my first dance piece. I'd spent a term making this dance, working with three dancers who were studying with me. This was extra-curricular activity but I wanted to make this dance and I felt good about it. So, in search of praise I asked my choreography teacher, Ingegerd Lonnroth, to look at it. Continue reading →

What Makes a Good Collaboration?

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This blog post was originally published on Gamasutra on 17 June 2015. Before I became a game developer I was an independent contemporary dance choreographer with my own dance company. And in my 14 years creating dances, and a further 14 creating games, I've experienced all sorts of collaborations. For me, there are three key ingredients to a good collaboration. Continue reading →