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Ash - a new entity system framework for Actionscript games

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I've been doing a lot of stuff with entity systems recently. At try{harder} I gave a presentation about entity systems, which was warmly received and led to many interesting conversations. I also created example projects with the Ember and Xember frameworks and had fruitful conversations with Tom and Alec about their projects, even contributing a few minor bits of code to them.

But now I've written an entity system framework of my own. It's called Ash and you can find it on Github.

A few of the features of Ash are

  • Uses the most performant linked list format after thorough testing of all the options.
  • Optional, but not required, integration with SwiftSuspenders and Robotlegs.
  • The process manager is a core part of the framework.

I plan to build a game with Ash, so more features will come as I need them, and more posts on this blog. Meanwhile, if you're building an actionscript game why not take Ash for a spin. And for comparison, check out Ember2 and Xember.

Tom in particular has done a lot of work to develop the ideas behind entity systems on the Flash platform. Without that work to feed my ideas machine I wouldn't have built Ash, so thank you Tom.

And thank you to Till who added a feature to SwiftSuspenders to enable me to inject linked lists based on their content type.


Here is a follow-up post explaining entity system frameworks and a further post explaining some of the reasons why I like using an entity system framework for my game development projects.

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