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Finite State Machines in Unity

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There are many different solutions to managing finite state machines in Unity. I don’t intend to comment here on the goodness of any other solutions - the best solution is the one that works for you. I just want to tell you about how I manage state machines. If you find it useful please go ahead and copy me and if you have any suggestions for how to improve on this technique please tell me. Continue reading →

Creating ScriptableObjects in Unity

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This is a short editor script that I use for creating instances of ScriptableObject classes in the Unity editor. Most scripts that create ScriptableObjects require you to add new code for each object type. This script does not. Select any class that extends ScriptableObject and choose Create->Instance to create an instance of that class. Continue reading →

Inversion of Control in Unity

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Many developers come to Unity from a background in object-oriented programming and look to use the same patterns in Unity that they used elsewhere. You don't neglect what you have learnt elsewhere just because you are using a different tool but sometimes you have to apply those lessons differently with the new tool. Unity has its own idea about how you should architect a game and before you start fighting against this it is best to try working with it - you will be a lot more productive if you do. Continue reading →