Screenwriter, Choreographer, Game Developer


I started screenwriting in 2018 when I completed a long game development contract and wanted a break. I had an idea for a story that I'd been mulling in my head for a couple of years and figured this was a chance to write it down. When I realised the story was very visual and would suit the film format much better than a novel, I started studying screenwriting. I did a couple of short courses and a lot of reading.

I wrote the first draft of the screenplay in spring 2018 then studied further while I did a new game development contract. In autumn 2018, having finished that contract, I did a complete page 1 rewrite of the screenplay. Many further rewrites have followed and now I'm seeking professional feedback on that screenplay while writing a second. If you are in the industry and want to read my work please contact me.


Opening Night - live action feature film

When a dancer is injured before the opening night of a new production the choreographer has only seven hours to teach the dance to his ex-girlfriend.