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Back from Flash on the Beach

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Flash on the Beach was fantastic. Once again John organised a very friendly, relaxed and social conference, with some truly inspirational speakers.

Being a speaker myself added an extra excitement to this year's conference. My presentation seemed to go very well - a number of people had to be turned away because the hall was full (I hope you all enjoyed whichever speaker you visited instead), and the audience were very enthusiastic about Flint. I lost count of how many people came up to me during the rest of the conference to say how much they enjoyed my talk. Thank you all.

Being a speaker also meant I got to socialise with the other speakers - I don't know many of these stars of the Flash world so it was great to have a beer and chat with them.

So, thank you everyone for making this my most enjoyable Flash on the Beach yet, and thank you to John et al for organising such a great event. I hope you'll have me back as a speaker next year, and if you need speakers for Miami, I'd love to come.

Photo by Robin Kollau

The slides from my session are available here.

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