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So Many Frameworks, So Little Time

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  • Flex and the City, London, 20 October 2010

Once upon a time, choosing a framework for your Flash or Flex project was easy. You either used Cairngorm or you didn't. Then along came PureMVC, followed by Mate, Parsley, Robotlegs, Swiz, Sping Actionscript and many more. Getting to know all these frameworks takes a long time. Making a choice of which to use may take even longer.

In this session I use my experience developing with and recommending frameworks to help you make that choice, and to try to answer the question of which framework is best. I talk about the features that you need to consider when choosing a framework, and I tell you how to know when you've made the right choice.

These are the slides from the presentation at Flex and the City, London on 20 October 2010.

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