Duets for Small Spaces
Blue Elephant Theatre, London
18th July - 4th August 2001

The Invitation

The relationship between a choreographer and an audience is like dating. We both start nervously. You don't know where I'll take you and I don't know if you'll like it, but experience suggests you will. With that in mind I take the fearful leap and ask you out. Come to the Blue Elephant Theatre, bring your friends, we'll have an intimate evening together and I'll show you my latest dance. It's all about relationships. I made it for you.

The Show

Duets for Small Spaces is dance theatre about people and their relationships, about trust and betrayal, about respect aznd abuse, about desire and regret, about fear and of course about love.

The Blue Elephant Theatre, 59a Bethwin Road, Camberwell, London SE5 0TX
18th July - 4th August 2001, Mon-Sat 8pm

A Review

Choreographer Richard Lord throws romance, violence, trust, abuse, betrayal and much besides into a mix that arcs the rainbow of a relationship from innocent beginnings through all the stages that anyone who's been bruised by passion will readily recognise. But here familiarity doesn't breed contempt because, like being caught in the giddy throes of a new fling, there's a fresh feel about the dance and the dancers that defies cynicism.
- London Metro, 24 July 2001